About Us

Together We Can Make a Difference

We believe parents have a necessary and crucial voice in the educational establishment. We are a voice for parents with children in the public schools, a forum for parental issues and concerns, and an opportunity to work together for better schools.We are part of a national network of parents and concerned citizens united to foster and support public education. Parents for Public Schools is not just for parents. It is for everyone — grandparents, teachers, business leaders, elected officials, civic and religious organizations, corporations — and all concerned citizens who value and want to ensure the quality of public education.



  • promote community awareness of educational issues
  • create partnerships within our community to support public education
  • advocate independently and with other local organizations for the needs of our students
  • challenge our elected officials to find new ways to work together to build stronger schools.


Our Mission Statement:

Parents for Public Schools of Syracuse confronts inequities and other barriers to the fundamental right of all children to a high-quality education.              

Our History

Parents for Public Schools (PPS) of Syracuse was founded by a group of like-minded Syracuse parents frustrated by the absence of a parent voice in addressing important school district issues. These parents recognized the important work the PTO’s did in individual schools, but they also believed parent input was necessary for effective district-wide problem solving and decision-making. They wanted to create a community-wide dialogue to address the annual budget crisis, the dysfunctional school board and the board’s inability to deal with the many problems facing our schools. They were also concerned about the number of families fleeing the Syracuse public schools.